The R.D.S.L. corporation is innovating your world…whether you want them to or not.

INNOVATION is a science fiction webcomic focused on the R.D.S.L. Corporation, a company currently advancing science and technology into the questionable places. The ongoing story explores whether or not technology truly makes our lives better.

Each 4-6 page short is drawn by a different artist and while every story stands alone, as readers go through the chapters, they’ll pick up a much larger knowledge of the world as we see how different characters are affected by the actions of the corporation. We showcase everyone from the people at the top of the corporate food chain, down to the worker bees and down to the artificial intelligence created in the labs. The actions of the facility affect everyone, and everything is connected.

While contributing artists are not offered a page rate, a link will be posted to their website, their work will be heavily promoted and they are welcome to use their completed pages however they see fit, whether it's in their online portfolios or printed in their own sketchbooks. Print-ready files will be supplied to contributing artists if they wish to sell copies of the issues at conventions or comic shops and they're welcome to charge whatever price they see fit.

In addition to gaining experience and getting to play in a fun, wacky world, the goal is to build awareness for up-and-coming artists and tell a fun sci-fi story in the process. Ready to have some fun?

The series writer, Wes Locher, has written comics for ALTERNA COMICS, MARKOSIA ENTERPRISES, ARCANA STUDIO and GRAYHAVEN COMICS.